Palma Aquarium


Enjoy a day full of fun, emotions and surprises in one of the largest and most complete aquariums in Europe! The marine park has more than 8,000 animals of 700 different species and 5 million liters of saltwater. In addition to the varied fauna, it offers activities and entertainment suitable for all ages. The aquarium has a variety of activities designed for all ages and recreates a unique marine environment where you can discover and appreciate the wonderful life of our seas and oceans.


You can take a walk and “dive” through the different seas and oceans of the world and get to know the most amazing species that live there. The spectacular aquarium “The Great Blue” houses two species of sharks and other marine animals such as stingrays and other large fish. This aquarium is one of the deepest in Europe.

It is time to venture into the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and discover its mysterious and diverse sea depths in which fascinating species and a beautiful and rich marine flora live.

Tropical seas welcome us with their colorful fish and their large collection of live corals. An aquatic world that offers a journey through the fauna and flora of the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific oceans.


Round trip transportation


✓ For all audiences
✓ Sun cream
✓ Sunglasses
✓ Comfortable footwear
50% discount for children