Katmandú Park


It is the highest rated theme park in the Balearic Islands and the second most highly rated in Europe. Come and discover the place where reality surpasses fiction and spend an unforgettable day with family or friends. Kathmandu is a journey backwards through time and imagination to adrenaline lovers. Enjoy the most varied attractions; enter an underwater world, escape the zombies, defy the laws of gravity in K3 Climb or discover the story of the upside-down creation of the world.


Visit one of the most fun and well-known theme parks in Mallorca. A place where the best adventure, attractions, legends and many surprises await you. The Fun House of Katmandu is an interactive attraction for all ages where you can live a special experience throughout its different rooms: Aquarium 3D, ice cave, “strange” room, magical robots, avatar, etc.

You can venture into a terrifying 5D abandoned asylum with countless scares and surprises and discover the chilling stories that live within its walls. You can put your skills into practice in expedition golf which has a challenging 18-hole route.

For the little ones in the house, Katmandu offers an interactive 3D adventure in real time with surround sound, which will undoubtedly leave everyone wanting more.


Entrance to the park


✓ For all audiences
✓ Sun cream
✓ Sunglasses
✓ Comfortable footwear