Marineland Mallorca


An unforgettable visit where adults and children will enjoy some of the best dolphinariums in Europe! Marineland is a reference at European level and perfectly combines its ability to amuse visitors with its commitment to conservation and environmental education. Zoo, aquarium, magnificent shows and educational programs coexist in a unique space that will become a true experience for the whole family.


You can find different shows with a variety of animals in which to enjoy throughout the visit. Sea lions (Buba, Triton, Moon and Pearl) delight all visitors with their fun spectacle and the devotion and care of their caregivers.

Let yourself be carried away by the unique personality and friendly character of the penguins, it is some of the most attractive and fun exhibits in the park.

The highlight of Marineland is the dolphin show (Blue, Blava, Estel, Sacha and Matthew) that provide an emotional and mind-blowing experience for everyone. You will be able to account for the magnificence and intelligence of these friendly animals.

In addition, Marineland has a fantastic aquarium that takes you on a journey through the tropical seas to observe its fascinating marine life in which a variety of wildlife from the Pacific and Indian oceans share their habitat with amazing sharks.


Entrance to the park


✓ For all audiences
✓ Sun cream
✓ Sunglasses
✓ Comfortable footwear
✓ Swimwear & towels for children